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Dear Customers. DungeonNYC are not providing services that are not described on this website. If you are looking for extra services, unfortunately we are not able to help you with that. Thank you for understanding.

Meet Mistress Sabrina and Mistress Vanessa who will make your deepest desires come true today. We can built a fetish session upon your special requests to satisfy your curiosity and lust. Your luxury, sophisticated, independent and sexy Dominatrix is waiting for you. Let us serve you at our upscale discreet Worship & BDSM Dungeon located Downtown Manhattan or do outcall at your own place. If you are a beginner or an experienced fetish practitioner we’ll find a way to please you.

Our services

Services: *60 min - $500


Let go of control and obey to the Mistress of your choice. Spanking, face slapping, spitting, verbal humiliation, gag, you’ll be treated the way you deserve while you kneel beside a lady.


Heels and boots worship, foot domination, trampling, gentle kissing of beautiful feet - everything you can only dream about when you see a hot young girl with beckoning pretty feet.


Tie and tease - let a magnificent Mistress to restrain you with a tight rope, hand- and leg- cuffs or a bondage tape to gently fix your body to lead you to the top of erotic pleasure.


Do you want to feel humiliated by taking all of your money away by a demanding Dominatrix? Our Mistresses will treat you like a paypig until you have nothing left in your pocket.


Whatever wild fantasy you have we will make it a sweet reality. Dressing up in costumes and recreating different situations to make you experience what are you dreaming of.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests: wax play, vibrators, prostate massage, strapon etc.

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Financial District, Manhattan, New York NYC
Call +1-518-495-4635

Call +1-518-495-4635 Manhattan Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

Erotic massage in New York + Useful information
Call +1-518-495-4635 Manhattan Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

BDSM session. Why Dungeon NYC is the best Erotic massage in Manhattan?

Every man’s deepest desires can come true at our beautiful discreet Worship & BDSM Dungeon in the heart of New York city. Our trained and experienced Dominatrix would love to be the object of your desires. Fetish sessions are our specialty and we’re one of the best Domination salons in NYC area. We are 100% SSC.

Why Worship & BDSM Dungeon is the best fetish provider in New York?

Our salon is fully equipped with everything necessary for serving BDSM session so that each client could feel all of the delights of the fetish practices in full. Soft candle light, sexy music, BDSM toys, incense sticks, fetish styled setting. In though through conditions like ours it is much easier to plunge into the world of erotic fantasies and to feel the spirit of BDSM with all its charms and nuances. The conditions that our Worship & BDSM Dungeon in Downtown Manhattan offers correspond to the authentic Fetish and BDSM format and will certainly appeal to everyone who is eager to experience this technique.

Do not deny yourself in this pleasure and book your Mistress now in the most elite erotic salon in New York Worship & BDSM Dungeon. The dominatrix will provide you with maximum erotic pleasure, help relieve any tension that you have and reveal your secret sexual desires. The donation policy of our salon is based on the fact that our customers are leaving our ladies satisfied and happy, are coming back to us again and again and becoming permanent guests of the Dungeon, as well as are giving excellent recommendations about us.

How the BDSM session is built?

When you’re booking a fetish session with Worship & BDSM Dungeon we’d like to hear what is it you are interested in and what kind of direction you want your fetish session to take. Tell us about your desires and wishes and we’ll try to take care of you in the best way possible. Our knowledgeable booker will gladly guide you through the session options available and will advise on any question should you have any.

When you come to Worship & BDSM Dungeon Dominatrix will meet you and discuss essential questions so that you have a SSC Fetish session (we respect Safe, Sane, Consensual rule). You have to be physically and mentally healthy, sober, respectful, and to engage in the fetish session voluntary. It is important to discuss in advance what is acceptable for you and what is not. Also to defy the so-called "stop word", the utterance of which requires an instant and unconditional cessation of any impact.

What to expect from different sessions?

We offer different types of fetish sessions to better satisfy your sexual fantasies. You can choose from a variety of BDSM directions and sex toys and all of it you can get in the heart of New York city just minutes away from Financial District, Tribeca, Soho, Lower East Side.

Domination is a type of session when a client wants to be a submissive and is willing to serve the Mistress, follow her commands and be her slave. You will have to do exactly what Mistress tells you otherwise she will punish you, she will humiliate you, spit on you, spank and slap you. If you enjoy and get excited from physical pain and moral humiliation this session is for you.

Footfetish is very popular type of BDSM session and may include high heels or boots or bare feet worship. Have you ever got a feeling that you want touch, kiss, lick and worship beautiful and soft feet of a hot and sexy girl? Our ladies can be very sensual or dominant in playing with you with their feet.

Bondage session implies that your ability to move is lost and the "lower" partner (submissive) gives up the control completely to the power of his Mistress. Being not able to move is what makes this session so exciting, you have no control and don’t know what Mistress is going to do next. The Mistress will be using ropes, tapes, cuffs, gag and other sex toys of your choice to play with.

Financial Domination is a type of domination when a submissive man gets pleasure by being physically and mentally humiliated and disgraced by Mistress. She will be demanding money from you, taking it away from you, making you feel that you don’t deserve a lady like Mistress standing next to you.

Role Playing is another popular fetish fantasy direction. Have you dreamed about your sexy teacher back in school, secretary at work, police woman, flight attendant or nurse? Anything you wish for you can get at Worship & BDSM Dungeon right now in New York! Just let your fantasy fly and the Mistress will take care of the rest providing you the ultimate pleasure.

This not the whole list of services we offer for our VIP clients. Our upscale fetish Worship & BDSM Dungeon offers also domination sessions in New York (Downtown Manhattan incall and outcall at your place) with the use of prostate massage devices, wax, vibrators, strapon, special gel to get maximum of the erotic stimulation.

Feel free to call, text or email us to find out more about fetish sessions at Worship & BDSM Dungeon in Downtown Manhattan or fetish sessions outcall at your home or hotel room. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions within an hour!

*Worship & BDSM Dungeon is a part-time non-profit pursuit based on a passion for providing pleasure to appreciative guests. Sessions are complimentary. If you feel the service you received warrants it, feel free to contribute a suggested donation.

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