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Dear Customers. DungeonNYC are not providing services that are not described on this website. If you are looking for extra services, unfortunately we are not able to help you with that. Thank you for understanding.

Mistress Vanessa is a genuine Dominatrix. She professionally occupy a dominant position and participate in BDSM sessions with submissive clients at Worship & BDSM dungeon in New York City. She is a gorgeous petite who will make you kneel in font of her and kiss the velvet skin of her feet with the ideal shape. She is popular among gentlemen who want to explore the submissive side in them and completely lose the control of the situation. She will hear you but will do her way.

Mistress Vanessa is a dangerous mix of beauty, intelligence and sexual dominant energy. If you want to experience the best fetish session in New York you found the right mistress. Having a lot of experience in role play, foot fetish, prostate stimulation with toys, physical and mental humiliation she’s the perfect choice for submissive clients.

Worship & BDSM dungeon is located in Two Bridges Downtown Manhattan, it’s clean, fully equipped and very discreet apartment to practice all kinds of fetish and BDSM session in the heart of New York. Mistress Sabrina can do incall and outcall sessions too. Call us to get more information about the services and Sabrina’s availability and we’ll be happy to customize a dream BDSM session for you.

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Services: *60 min - $500


Let go of control and obey to the Mistress of your choice. Spanking, face slapping, spitting, verbal humiliation, gag, you’ll be treated the way you deserve while you kneel beside a lady.


Heels and boots worship, foot domination, trampling, gentle kissing of beautiful feet - everything you can only dream about when you see a hot young girl with beckoning pretty feet.


Tie and tease - let a magnificent Mistress to restrain you with a tight rope, hand- and leg- cuffs or a bondage tape to gently fix your body to lead you to the top of erotic pleasure.


Do you want to feel humiliated by taking all of your money away by a demanding Dominatrix? Our Mistresses will treat you like a paypig until you have nothing left in your pocket.


Whatever wild fantasy you have we will make it a sweet reality. Dressing up in costumes and recreating different situations to make you experience what are you dreaming of.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests: wax play, vibrators, prostate massage, strapon etc.

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Call +1-518-495-4635 Manhattan Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

How to relieve stress with BDSM session? Vanessa + info
Call +1-518-495-4635 Manhattan Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

How to relieve stress with BDSM session?

Do you know why people want to experience BDSM scenario and play a game to be humiliated? Sometimes men want to be humiliated us as harshly as possible, to be lowered them as rigidly as possible. They want to be cuffed, tied, raped, flogged and yelled at. Or whipped with whips, and be put in a cage, and forced to do some nasty sexual things. If there is a desire then there must be a reason for it. Control of yourself is not necessary in this situation, it also gives courage to feel some sensations.

At Worship & BDSM dungeon in New York City the girls will play with you like that: they will tie you with a chain, put you in a cage, and force you to drink the golden shower from a bowl like a dog. You will be oral and anal raped many times with dildo while you’re in the world of your own fantasies.

After a session like this men feel very motivated to prove the world that they are not like that and nobody can ever treat them like this ever again.

It's all in the subconscious. Revealing your submissive side in the fullest allows you to jump in to the leader side like a compressed spring element. That's how it works for some people. People play these fetish and BDSM games to feel the excitement, because sometimes you need sharpness, you need to get out of some situation, you have to forget about something and let go of control.

Why do men enjoy humiliation?

The element of the fetish when a man comes to the woman as to the dominant mistress and wants a BDSM session so that she could humiliate him and play with him. Why? Because he sometimes, having his own ego, understands anyway that this is not real. The woman is still weaker, and therefore it does not degrade him, his huge ego structures do not break. He wants to be controlled by her and plays in these games, and then goes away calmly, not broken at all, but, on the contrary, excited thinking: “Well, nobody can humiliate me!”

When this happens, a man changes tremendously. At the BDSM session he just crawls, kisses legs of the mistress, he's a slave, he's just an animal. But when he leaves everything goes to its right place. He evaluates the real situation, and he is not ashamed that he was humiliated. So there’s some positive outcomes from getting humiliated and having you fetish fantasies come true. Allow our mistresses to play with your ego, you will not be disappointed. Worship & BDSM dungeon is where you will get the best fetish session in New York

! For all the risks of such games, the dominant is always responsible for the safety of the slave - not only physical, but also psychological. Safe, Sane and Consensual - these are the three rules that distinguish a true BDSM practitioner from an amateur. Before the session starts, the couple agrees on the use of the code word, the so-called stop word or the word of salvation, by which the Sub can warn the partner that the game script needs to be interrupted or changed.

Simple requests and entreaties (such as “Enough!”, “Stop!”, “Don’t!”) will not have any impact on the lead partner - they can only get even more excited. Therefore, in order to not to cross a dangerous line, a word (for example, red) is chosen in advance, which is used only in the most extreme case, and it means that the actions of the Dom are to stop immediately.

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