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Dear Customers. DungeonNYC are not providing services that are not described on this website. If you are looking for extra services, unfortunately we are not able to help you with that. Thank you for understanding.

Every man’s deepest desires can come true at our beautiful discreet Worship & BDSM Dungeon in the heart of New York city. Our trained and experienced Dominatrix would love to be the object of your desires. Fetish sessions are our specialty and we’re one of the best Domination salons in NYC area. We are 100% SSC. Why Worship & BDSM Dungeon is the best fetish provider in New York?

Our salon is fully equipped with everything necessary for serving BDSM session so that each client could feel all of the delights of the fetish practices in full. Soft candle light, sexy music, BDSM toys, incense sticks, fetish styled setting. In though through conditions like ours it is much easier to plunge into the world of erotic fantasies and to feel the spirit of BDSM with all its charms and nuances. The conditions that our Worship & BDSM Dungeon in Downtown Manhattan offers correspond to the authentic Fetish and BDSM format and will certainly appeal to everyone who is eager to experience this technique. Thanks to our Australian friend: Erotic Nuru massage CBD Sydney & Nuru Erotic massage CBD Sydney
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Erotica massage CBD Sydney Tantra and Nuru Sexy lady

Erotica massage CBD Sydney Tantra and Nuru Sexy lady
Erotica massage CBD Sydney Tantra and Nuru Sexy Girl

Our services

Services: *60 min - $500


Let go of control and obey to the Mistress of your choice. Spanking, face slapping, spitting, verbal humiliation, gag, you’ll be treated the way you deserve while you kneel beside a lady.


Heels and boots worship, foot domination, trampling, gentle kissing of beautiful feet - everything you can only dream about when you see a hot young girl with beckoning pretty feet.


Tie and tease - let a magnificent Mistress to restrain you with a tight rope, hand- and leg- cuffs or a bondage tape to gently fix your body to lead you to the top of erotic pleasure.


Do you want to feel humiliated by taking all of your money away by a demanding Dominatrix? Our Mistresses will treat you like a paypig until you have nothing left in your pocket.


Whatever wild fantasy you have we will make it a sweet reality. Dressing up in costumes and recreating different situations to make you experience what are you dreaming of.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests: wax play, vibrators, prostate massage, strapon etc.

Our contacts

Financial District, Manhattan, New York NYC
Call +1-518-495-4635

Call +1-518-495-4635 Manhattan Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

Fetish session at Worship & BDSM dungeon NYC + info
Call +1-518-495-4635 Manhattan Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

What are the best services you can get during the fetish session at Worship & BDSM dungeon?

Bondage and discipline

Bondage (meaning slavery) and discipline is a form of role-playing game involving the fixation of one of the partners by another through tying up, handcuffing, using of the tape, chain or other devices. Fetish bondage is keeping the partner in one, usually extremely uncomfortable, pose. Discipline implies certain rules in the game, the violation of which the sub partner receives the punishment. BDSM - is the most risky version of sex, and bondage - the most dangerous aspect of it.

The fetish sessions are suitable only for the partners who absolutely trust each other, because, having lost the ability to move, the lower partner gives himself completely to the power of the mistress. That’s why the dominant should be a true professional if you’re getting a fetish session at the salon. In addition, the bondage itself made by an amateur hands, can not only harm the health, but also lead to death. Therefore, people who are really interested in BDSM usually study in detail the bondage techniques and attend special master classes. At Worship & BDSM dungeon we make sure that our mistresses are the best in the city and will provide you with the best fetish session in New York!

Role-playing game Bondage and Discipline are suitable for couples in which one prefers to enjoy the full power over the partner's body, and the other wants to feel himself in a defenseless and extremely dependent position.

Dominance and submission

Jay Wiseman, an experienced BDSM practitioner, in his book SM101 writes: "I can instantly determine whether dominant or submissive trends predominate in a person. You just have to offer him to sit down. If he is a submissive - he immediately sits down. The dominant will keep his gaze on me for a moment, considering the proposal for a couple of seconds.” From this it follows that the dominant and submissive are first of all the psychotypes.

Domination and submission can be seen not only in the aspect of sexual games, but also as a model of family relationships. After all, a person inclined to leadership is a dominant. Domination involves all kinds of power over a partner. Roughly speaking, if your husband is henpecked, then in this relationship you are a dominant, and he is a submissive. And if you obey your husband in everything, then vice versa. The same model of relationships can easily be found in the sex of people who do not have a clue about BDSM (for example, the sexual service partner on his initiative).

If you’d like to experience this kind of sexual fantasy and service the dominant mistress then you have to try our fetish sessions at Worship & BDSM dungeon. We have a nice, clean, fully equipped studio for you in the heart of New York City. All you have to do is call us and we’d love to set up the best BDSM session for you!

Sadism and masochism

Role play Sadism and Masochism involves causing pain (physical or mental). Accordingly, the sadist receives satisfaction at the expense of causing pain, and the masochist - due to its receipt. Two historical figures define these names by their names: the French Marquis de Sade and the Austrian Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Both were writers, in whose works the heroes indulged in so-called sexual perversions with elements of physical and mental humiliation.

So the causing of pain refers specifically to the sphere of sadism and masochism. Pain can manifest itself in other role-playing games (for example, as a result of bondage), but in them it is not the main goal, but rather a side effect. Pain can be delivered in a variety of ways and can vary in intensity: from dripping on the body with hot wax from a candle to whipping and more severe punishments. If during sex the partner likes to pull off the partner's head by the hair, causing her pain, that's already talking about the propensity to BDSM relationships.

Separately, mental sadomasochism is singled out, when the game of causing pain is conducted purely on a psychological level. Imagine a couple in which a man is cheating, and a woman, feeling jealousy and suffering from it, does not leave him, but stays with him. And, moreover, to some extent proud of the fact that her man is in demand, and she is in this queue of women - the first and the most important. Such relationships are very close to what is called psychological sadomasochism.

The key moment in BDSM games - everything should happen by mutual consent and bring mutual pleasure. Therefore, we’d love to show you the best fetish, BDSM, sadism and masochism session in New York city area. Worship & BDSM dungeon is located Downtown Manhattan and is ready to host you anytime. Our mistresses can also travel to your place and bring the pleasure of experiencing the best BDSM session in Manhattan to you.
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BDSM fetish session New York | Dungeon NYC